Exhibition Graffiti New York meets the Dam & the outdoor Street Art Museum in AMSTERDAM

The Amsterdam Museum is presenting until 24 January 2016 an exhibition that tells the story of how the graffiti scene from NYC crossed the ocean to inspire Amsterdam graffiti artists.

The exhibition explains how Amsterdam graffiti artists, like Shoe and Delta, were inspired by 1970s and 1980s American artists to become a street phenomenon. From New York city subway to city walls to punk & hip hop music, the exhibition retraces the American street art scene and how it influenced the Amsterdam street art scene.






To complete this exhibition, one can visit the outdoor “Street Art Museum Amsterdam” (SAMA). Founded by Anna Stolyarova, the SAMA organizes street art tours in Amsterdam’s Nieuw-West neighbourhood to present murals made by international artists that the SAMA invites to brighten the neighbourhood.

This open-air gallery displays about 30 murals by invited international artists such as SKOUNT, PAU, KENOR, BTOY, H101, STINKFISH, BASTARDILLA, SPOK, LA IRA, VAQNO, ALANIZ, URIGINAL, ZAS, ICY&SOT, KERSCHNAR, ALEX SENNA, BUNNY BRIGADE, KEYS ART… to name a few.

The 3 hours tour enables to discover a residential area outside of the touristy area of Amsterdam where street artists interact with local residents and their surroundings.


















Street Art Museum Amsterdam
15 € or €5 discount to ticket holders of Amsterdam Museum “Graffiti NY meets Dam” exhibition



©Emilie Brion